Our Vision

Innovative Measurement of Physiological Function

Vision Statement

To positively impact the health and well-being of individuals around the world.


A New Way to See the Body

EPIC Research & Diagnostics, Inc. is a biomedical research and device company founded in 2006 by Radiologic Therapeutic Physicist Nancy R. Rizzo.  With her decades of experience at esteemed medical establishments and her extensive research in electrophysiology, electromagnetic medicine technologies, and biophotonics, she pioneered a revolutionary technology that measures electrophysiological signals.

The technology measures the electrophysiological signals that are generated at the finger tips.  These signals provide insight into the function of the body's systems and organs, which may be affected by nutrient choices, stress, environment, activity, and disease. 

The measurements and reports provide objective, reproducible data/information that can be used to guide healthy lifestyle choices.  Subsequent measurements provide objective comparisons that can be used to evaluate the effects of lifestyle modifications and may provide trending information for organ systems or structures as a result of these interventions.