Innovative Measurement of Physiological Function

Dr. Nancy Rizzo illustrating ClearView analytics to clinical coordinators

Dr. Nancy Rizzo illustrating the technology's analytics to clinical coordinators.

Dr. Nancy Rizzo illustrating ClearView analytics to clinical coordinators

Founder, Dr. Nancy Rizzo demonstrating the technology.

Glossary of Common Terms

Autonomic System – Part of the nervous system that was once thought to be functionally independent of the brain. The autonomic nervous system regulates key functions of the body including the activity of the heart muscle, smooth muscles (e.g., the muscles of the intestinal tract), and glands. Source: MedicineNet

Biophotons - Weak electromagnetic waves existing within the ultraviolet through optical range of the intensity spectrum.

Electrophysiology – The biomedical field dealing with the study of electric activity in the body. Electrophysiology includes the study of the production of electrical activity and the effects of that electrical activity on the body. Source: MedicineNet

Intercellular Communication – The transfer of information from one cell to another. Cells signal each other by direct contact with each other or by the release of a substance from one cell that is taken up by another cell. Intercellular communication is important for cells to grow and work normally. Also called cell-cell signaling and cell-to-cell signaling. NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms.