Innovative Measurement of Physiological Function

How It Works

The technology is a non-invasive electrophysiological measurement system that is designed specifically for use on the fingertips. When a finger is placed on the glass electrode of the device and a high frequency voltage impulse is applied to the underside of the glass dielectric, a localized electromagnetic field around the finger is  created. This causes electrons and protons from the fingertip (some of which are from the peripheral nervous system) to leave the finger, interact with the air in the electromagnetic field, and create a breakdown of the molecules in the air which produces light.

The photons are visible within the UV and visible light spectrum and are captured and relayed to the computer. The light pattern is analyzed by proprietary software to assess for normality. Algorithms within the software create a prioritized scoring method to assist the healthcare professional in recognizing aberrant electrophysiological activity associated with the physiological signals of the body. The scan takes between 5-7 minutes to administer with another 3-5 minutes to process the data.


A Complete System

Our E-PIC View™ and ClearView™ systems consist of a scanner with an imaging camera, proprietary software, and computer which requires an internet connection. After images from each fingertip have been captured, the computer encrypts the data and transmits it to EPIC's secure, HIPPA-compliant servers for analysis and report generation.


The proprietary EPIC algorithms analyze the images and generate a report of the measurements, comparisons to the clinical database measurements, and recommendations for sustaining or offering general improvement to conditions and functions associated with a general state of health.